INFJ Personality Type Explained: How to Understand INFJ

INFJ is one of the MBTI personality types. It stands for Introverted, iNtuitive, Feeling, and Judging. INFJ is a rare personality type comprising around 1-3% of the entire population.

INFJ Cognitive Functions-

Ni– Introverted Intuition- Forecasting results and best case scenarios- Dominant Function
Fe– Extroverted Feeling- Group Harmony and understanding how others Feel- Parent Function
Ti– Introverted Thinking- Logic, and principles- Child Function
Se– Extroverted Sensing- Experiencing the surroundings – Inferior Function

INFJs have a vivid imagination and deep thoughts. Their morals and principled vision of humanism allow them to get direction in life.

INFJs observation skills are impeccable. They sense when somebody needs their help and support. INFJs care a lot about making a difference in the world. They struggle with being in an extroverted environment for a long time. INFJs’ relationships with others are based on mutual respect and loyalty.

INFJ Personality Traits

INFJ Positive Personality Traits –

  1. They can read people like books and predict their actions with uncanny accuracy.
  2. They dream big and work hard to make their dreams come true with meticulous planning.
  3. They have strong empathy. You can count on an INFJ to be always there to help, motivate, inspire and support people to make their lives better.
  4. They strive for perfection and plan meticulously.

INFJ Negative Personality Traits –

  1. They are a compulsive people pleaser. They try not to upset others to the detriment of their own happiness and well-being.
  2. They set extremely high moral standards for themselves and others, inevitably getting hurt when people can’t live up to them.
  3. They tend to give little or no effort if things are not as perfect as they imagined in their head. They often need an initial push, a launch pad for a decisive breakthrough in their career to succeed.
  4. They can be easily guilt-tripped if not careful.

 INFJs Relationships

INFJs crave loyalty and companionship. They thrive in an environment where they feel appreciated and understood. INFJ feel calm in stable relationships where they know their partner is loyal to them and appreciates what INFJ does for them. They need to be able to see a happy future with their partners.

INFJs are good at keeping secrets. They are good at making people feel comfortable, which allows them to open up.

Here are 10 Things you need to know about INFJ

  1. INFJ are hard to read at first.

INFJs have a deeper inner world. They are very good at reading the feelings of others but hesitate to reveal their thoughts and feelings. INFJ can be all or nothing kind of people. It is common for INFJ to have trust issues. They reveal themselves little by little as they feel accepted and get to know the other person better.

INFJ are very mysterious and have many layers that make them complex to understand. They will slowly reveal the beautiful world they have created in their minds once you have earned their trust.

  1. INFJ can appear to be extroverts but are truly Introverts.

INFJ can appear to be extroverted in social situations, but they are introverts who need alone time to relax and process their thoughts. It is exhausting for INFJ to be in the presence of people all the time.

INFJ love to spend time in nature. A secluded beach or a place surrounded by trees, mountains, rivers, and chirping birds gives them the calmness required to absorb the surroundings and process their thoughts. Such sites make for a perfect spot to go on a date with INFJ.

INFJ comes alive at night. This is when they can get lost in deep thoughts or spend quality time with their loved ones. INFJ usually have secret spots away from public eyes where they can listen to their favorite songs, dance, and fantasize about stuff they would never reveal to anyone.

  1. INFJ are great writers but bad storytellers.

INFJ are great observers and contemplators. They see hidden meanings, symbolism, aspirations, and feelings of people around them. INFJ can be great writers if they develop a penchant for creatively expressing their thoughts in words. They just need enough alone time and space to think and reflect on their ideas before expressing them in written form.

INFJs are not good at telling what is going on in their mind out loud in words. Though the idea may be clear in their head, they can fumble with words coming out of their mouths.

INFJ can get off on different tangents during storytelling so much that it becomes difficult for the audience to connect the dots and find context. Before finishing one sentence, they would start another one because their mind caught on another important detail. They are somewhat like INTPs in this regard.

  1. INFJs love to shine and feel regarded.

You would know if an INFJ has a crush on you when they will pop open the soda bottle creating a loud noise to attract your attention. They would get tattoos and ensure they are easily visible. They would wear a piece of shiny jewelry or flex their muscles to display their appeal.

INFJ love to stand out. The best gifts for INFJs are shiny things or stuff that make them look good, make their surroundings attractive, and increase their status.

INFJ are sometimes very insecure about the experience they are giving to others. Getting them something that increases their status and looks takes away that insecurity. They would love to feel valued and regarded as an extraordinary person.

  1. INFJs criticisms come from a place of love and care.

INFJ wants to make a difference in the world. They want to enrich others’ lives. When INFJ criticizes people, especially those close to them, because they care about them, they don’t want their loved ones to make wrong decisions or get into trouble. Telling harsh truths and realities is how they protect and look after their loved ones. People prefer comfortable lies to harsh truths. Truths that can actually make their life better.

  1. INFJ wants actions and not hollow words

The way to INFJs heart is to back your words with actions. INFJ prefers truth and honesty above everything else. They check for consistency between your words and actions. If you are making any promises to INFJ, then keep those promises.

INFJ show their love with actions. They want to be useful in making people’s life easier and better. They want to help and contribute with their actions. It is what they live for, to help and bring happiness to people around them. Otherwise, they would feel worthless, and it’s unbearable for INFJ. Ask for help, and let INFJ bring value to your life.

  1. INFJ doorslams are often well deserved

Loyalty, stability, and consistency are very important for INFJs. They need to be able to see the future with you. INFJ are very forgiving, but once they conclude that there can never be a future with you, they Doorslam hard. They remove themselves from your life and never look back again.

INFJ Doorslam is never out of the blue. They try to communicate and show their discomfort multiple times before kicking someone out of their lives. At that point, it is no longer feasible to maintain any contact or communicate further because INFJ feels so disrespected and wants nothing to do with the person. They no longer want to feel hurt and see no possible future with the person.

  1. INFJ Mirror people around them

INFJ are very loyal folks. They are all about loyalty to their friend circle, loved ones, and the community they belong to. They adapt quickly to their social groups and absorb the behaviors. INFJ begins to mirror the people who are around them.

To be accepted and gain the loyalty of other people, they would start behaving and mirroring all the habits of the individual or group. If the person or people they are with likes drinking Bourbon, they would start binging on Bourbon. If others like FRIENDS, they would begin to watch FRIENDS episodes on repeat.

A group of highly motivated and ambitious professionals can help them grow their wealth, or an INFJ in a group of hippies would make them quickly adapt to a hippy lifestyle. For an INFJ, it’s about loyalty to the group or person they are connected to. They would go to any length to protect and safeguard the interest of their loved ones or friends and expect the same from them.

  1. Intimacy is the key to winning INFJ’s heart.

Intimacy means a lot to an INFJ. It helps them connect and bond with their partner at a deeper level. A simple gesture that shows care and kindness can make them ecstatic. Intimacy is not just about sex for them. It’s way more than that.

INFJ are die-hard romantic. They are excellent lovers and very passionate. INFJ enjoy sex and come up with all the ideas to give the best experience to their partner. They are very loyal and demand loyalty in return. It’s very unlikely that an INFJ would have sex just for its sake. They want to create intimacy, and passionate sex strengthens that bond.

  1. Don’t try to change INFJ.

INFJ often feels misunderstood. They are sensitive to criticism and feel anxiety when someone judges them. INFJ always try to do their best for the people they care about.

Getting judged by someone close to them makes them very uncomfortable. It’s very painful when the criticism is coming from a place of misunderstanding or ignorance. They would want to remove themselves from the situation and have some alone time to calm down.

Accept INFJ the way they are and support them when they need you. Simple gestures like taking time out for a one-on-one meeting and listening to them attentively would make their day.

If INFJ is going through a hard time, let them vent out everything without interruption. Ask them if they need a second opinion and help them see things from another perspective. Make INFJ feel valued and worthy of all the good things life has to offer.