Understanding ENFP: The Power of Feelings in Decision-Making”

enfp emotional decision making

Decision-making is a complex cocktail of emotions, logic, memory and lots of other factors. Emotions often play a pivotal role in decision-making. For individuals with the ENFP personality type, decisions rooted in feelings are not merely choices but profound experiences that shape their lives. In this segment, we delve into the fascinating world of ENFP decision-making and an interesting conversation between an INTP and an ENFP.

INTP – For me, decisions based on emotions turn out not to be very good decisions. So when you decide based on feelings, how, uh, what goes in your heart?

ENFP – Okay, so first, the first thing is decisions based on emotions are satisfying. It is like quenching your soul. So we, like many times, have to ensure. Let’s say a few days ago, I went to a shop. I saw one mobile cover. I think I went with you. I liked it, but it wasn’t protecting my phone completely. But it looks so nice, it looks so good, and I wanted it.

INTP – The Miley Cyrus One?

ENFP – The Miley Cyrus One. So even though I went home, I returned back to the store and bought it because I liked the colors of it. I like how it was conveying the message without even saying anything. It was like a part of me, and I had to get it. So, I think very core decisions of ENFPs are based on their internal feelings.

I think we see things from a very wide angle to fit something somewhere, to accept it. And once we fit it at a certain place, then we start narrowing our vision. So we can fully focus on things and know the details. Not to be possessive or intruding, but to learn more about them.

So that you will exactly know how to help that person, how to, um, like, you know, be a part of their everyday life, how to tease the person as well, how to, like, it will be very tunnel vision focus on them, because we have invested that amount of time and energy in that person.

Feelings, see, it’s very malleable. But with age, it becomes very solid. The foundation becomes very strong. I think that’s the right sentence, which allows us to make a certain set of decisions. So, for example, in the past, if a certain situation has broken me apart, and if I have suffered, if I see the same situation right now, it will not affect me because I have already been through it once. So it won’t affect me now.

Or you can say another example: helping is one of the biggest things that an ENFP does. And if, when they help somebody, and the help is not appreciated, they don’t give up on helping. They are going to help. Um, it doesn’t matter how many times they help because it gives them the feeling that they are doing something nice for somebody else. And which is the right thing to do. Helping doesn’t cost you anything. Specifically talking about being there and assisting.

ENFP can also catch the manipulation. So if they see that they are getting manipulated into something, somehow they will just know that something isn’t right. That’s the feeling they will get. Something isn’t right, and they will stop immediately there. And then they will again think: what exactly is it? What was the motive behind it? Probably they might have experienced it earlier. They’ll try to fit that specific question into somewhere. What is happening? And then again, they will channel their entire energy there. They will figure it out, and they will test it.

They might still help. But their help will be limited because they know the outcome of it. So, when it comes to decisions based on feelings, it is mostly about satisfaction. It makes ENFP feel happy.

In short, feeling-based decisions are satisfying, and they allow us to remain mentally and physically healthy, feel good about others and themselves, of course, and create world peace, I guess.