ENFP and INTP – Role of Feelings in Decision Making

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INTP and ENFP – Thoughts on Feeling based decisions

In this segment, INTP and ENFP discuss feelings and how they affect their decision-making.

It will make me really upset, but with time, I’m going to evolve and then make the decision based on how it affects my values.
And now, INTP is going to talk about how he feels when he feels.
INTP – Feelings are sometimes very confusing for me. INTP don’t recognize their own feelings, much less somebody else’s, but Fe is the aspirational function. So that means that there is a mother hidden behind every INTP. She wants to nurture, she wants to take care, but she doesn’t know how to.
Feelings are, I think, a very soft spot for INTP, and I think that’s because they feel it so strongly and it is so pure that they want to protect it. There’s only one way that you can trick an INTP or manipulate INTP, and that’s through feelings. If they let you come closer to them or if they lower their guard and they allow themselves to feel for you, that is the moment they are most vulnerable, and um, yeah, and they don’t like it.
ENFP – Feelings make you feel vulnerable. So you mean to say that your logical part is way grown up that it outweighs your feelings, and so your decisions are based more on logic because you have better control over your logic as compared to the feelings?
INTP– I would say it is more like the logic is like a father figure, if you can imagine. Feelings are like a small baby, so the father figure is very much protective of the baby. If he sees that somebody is trying to come close to the baby or something can harm the baby, he will try to protect it. So, through logic, INTP will try to protect the feelings. Logic would always prevail while making decisions for INTP.