5 Things That Would Definitely Offend an INTP

INTP offended

INTPs (Introvert, iNtuitive, Thinking, and Perspective) are usually flexible and quite easy-going. They are known for their intelligence and impeccable problem-solving skills. INTPs can naturally catch the logical flaw in any given situation, let it be an argument, debate, or system. They are problem solvers. INTPs are amazing at coming up with theories that can completely change people’s perspectives. Among many other scientists, physicists, etc., Albert Einstein and Charles Darwin are thought to have been INTP.

Pretty much like all the other personality types, INTPs also have their limitations and dislikes. They usually have an air of ‘I don’t care.’ It is difficult to offend an INTP. INTP don’t care about pity gossips and in-group politics. If you annoy them, they will either ignore you or leave you alone. However, few circumstances can make an INTP absolutely hate you.

Here are the 5 most common things that would make an INTP hate you:

  1. INTP hate emotional decisions

INTP abide by the statement, ‘When emotions rule, reason suffers.’ Whenever an INTP engages with the world, they see logic and sense. They join together every experience (Si) and intertwined aspect of the situation (Ne) to make a flow chart in their head (Ti). If the conclusion makes sense to them, they will agree to it. Else they would take a clear stand against it. An INTPs decision cannot be swayed by emotions but by logic alone. The most commonly used sentences by INTPs include “This doesn’t make sense” or “That’s a stupid argument.”

You cannot emotionally manipulate an INTP. Like a hound dog, they can smell inconsistencies in a story from miles away. If you think you have successfully manipulated an INTP, it is simply because either INTP doesn’t care enough about it, or they want you to believe that you succeeded with your manipulation tactic because they want to maintain harmony in your relationship with them. Though you think they have made an emotional decision, rest assured there is a logic behind it.

INTP cannot understand how people decide or come to a conclusion solely based on their sentiments and feelings. If you say, “This is wrong because I feel bad about it,” they would look at you like deer in headlights.

Imagine this conversation

ENFP – My friend married a deadbeat

INTP – That isn’t good

ENFP – huh, she loves him, love conquers all

INTP – huh 😐

The INTP would stand by a statement that makes logical sense to them. They would not understand why someone would be mad at them for pointing out the obvious. You would offend an INTP, first, by making an illogical emotional decision, and second, by disregarding their logic, fact, and truth of the matter. They cannot stand people who throw an emotional tantrum in response to their logical fact-based analysis.

It is hard for INTP to comprehend how emotions and feelings play a role in decision-making. If you are someone who regularly makes decisions based on your emotions, you are going to annoy the INTP frequently. It doesn’t matter if you are an authority figure. Statements like ‘Because I told you so’ are not going to make an INTP budge from their stance. INTPs are very uncomfortable teaming up or working under people who are prone to make emotional decisions.

For this specific reason, INTPs don’t understand why and how some people stick to the belief that has been logically proven wrong. It can be anything from a wide array like philosophy, religion, politics, environment, etc. Just because some people feel that it is right and it has to be in this way despite having no logic behind it can trigger the annoyance and frustration of an INTP towards them.

  1. INTP hate it when they are not heard

Talking is a hard task for an INTP. They don’t think and then talk but talk while thinking. An INTP speech is therefore riddled with um, oh, hmm. They often move on to the next sentence without finishing the first sentence. They continuously improvise their ideas and theories while they are trying to explain them to others.

INTP uses their audience as sounding boards. They understand it better when they hear out loud what they are saying and if it makes sense. It can take them a long time to conclude. When INTP speaks, they try to connect various points to form a theory. While speaking, they constantly improvise their sentences and theories by considering all “what else” and “what if.” If you lose patience halfway through and don’t allow INTP to finish what they were trying to explain, expect INTP to go cold on you.

INTP is mostly a quiet and reserved personality type. If they tell you something, it means what they said matters a lot to them. They would assume you would understand that it is important for them. For example, if your INTP boyfriend tells you that they believe in a monogamous relationship, it means it is non-negotiable for him. (Meanwhile, if you ask him why, he might tell you things like STDs, the effect on pair-bonding ability, and general health concerns. INTPs are true logicians, don’t expect emotional reasons.) He will hate you if you try to change his mind without backing your argument with solid reasons. In such cases, INTP tends to move on and never look back.

  1. INTP hate it when their time is not valued

INTP value their time more than money. They like to spend their time brainstorming, thinking of innovative ideas, and exploring possibilities. INTP would hate it if you keep them waiting or waste their time with meaningless chit-chats. People who value INTPs time and can engage in intellectual conversation are cherished.

INTP actually feels guilty when they allow someone to waste their time. An INTP would rather be in the magical world that resides in their head, read a book or watch a documentary rather than waste their precious time waiting for someone or doing routine things and menial tasks that can easily bore them. If they see you as someone who would waste their time, they will steer clear of you.

  1. INTP hate being called emotionless robots

Whenever you give INTP any information, they would think and analyze the information rather than feel the emotions attached. For instance, if you tell an INTP that you are having a tough day, they would likely provide you with suggestions and tips to solve your problem and then give emotional support.

It should not be presumed that INTP cannot feel. They can very well empathize and understand your feeling. They don’t know how to respond to them. INTP do feel the emotions deeply. They find it difficult to express those emotions. It hurts when the people who are special to INTP call them emotionless robots. No wonder INTPs often feel misunderstood and left out.

INTP is anything but an emotionless robot. The INTP would track you down and hunt you if they realize you have harmed their loved one.

If you force INTP to share their feelings before they have thought about it and are ready, it can make them withdraw from you. INTP throughout their life feel marginalized in their profession and personal relationships due to their inability to socially bond and respond to others’ emotional needs. Poking them continuously to show emotions and be more social can trigger their hatred towards you.

  1. INTP hate being restricted

INTP cherish freedom above anything else. Freedom to think, freedom to be creative, and freedom to explore ideas and possibilities. INTP lose their creative energy if they are restricted by rules, deadlines, or emotional blackmail. Whenever INTP feel that their freedom is hindered, they lash out and try to get away from that person or situation.

During the problem-solving process, they almost mind-travel themselves to another universe and forget about their surroundings. INTP needs to think and make sure that all the possibilities have been explored to make a decision. INTPs hate being forced to make decisions at the spur of the moment where they did not get enough time to process all the information. It is best if they are allowed to be free to evaluate the information to come up with amazing ideas. If you take away their freedom to think, INTP is absolutely going to despise you.

Not all INTPs are the same, but they do share a similar functioning pattern. Trust their intellect and give them freedom. You will be surprised by what an INTP can offer you.