How Do ENFP Express Their Love?

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Who are ENFP?

According to Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), ENFP stands for Extraversion E, Intuition N, Feeling F, and Perception P. They are among the sixteen personality types who contribute about 5% to 7% of the population. ENFPs are free-spirited people who enjoy spreading happiness and make people smile. Their presence can be easily felt in the crowd as they are also known for being the life of the party. They are very outgoing, cheerful, and possess child-like energy. ENFP’s friendly attitude is often misconstrued as flirting, but when an ENFP is actually flirting, be prepared to be wooed as you have never been wooed before.

How ENFP approach love and dating?

When it comes to relationships, love, and affection, ENFPs are very broad-minded. They’re willing to explore and experiment with all kinds of ideas that keep popping every second out of their mind. They like to express those ideas and feelings to their loved ones. ENFP love it when their loved one listens to them and gives them undivided attention. They hate being criticized. Initially, during their honeymoon phase, ENFP tries to do everything that could please and let their partner know that they’re giving their best efforts.

Their Internal Feeling (Fi) and Extroverted Intuition (Ne) tells them if the person is right for them or not. ENFP feel first; think later. Their decision to fall in love with someone is based on their feeling. They don’t see the relationship’s practical aspects, such as career or distance, when falling in love. Fi or the internal feeling of ENFP is very much self-focused. How the person makes them feel is the most important thing in their decision-making process.

How would ENFP express their love?

Let’s take a peek inside the mind of ENFP and see what they do and feel when they love someone and begin to bond with them.

  1. ENFP will plan date nights and getaways

Imagine Jacob, an ENFP who is in love with an INTJ named Kasandra. Jacob will plan and take Kasandra on a road trip. He would choose the best weather and would want to have new experiences with her. He would turn on his ENFP charm. As an ENFP, he will be a complete gentleman and would try to make her feel comfortable. He would take her out to a nice restaurant to try special dishes and local cuisine. Planning and sticking to a schedule isn’t really an ENFP forte, but he goes the extra mile to ensure the best experience.

  1. ENFP will observe their love interest

Jacob, as an ENFP, would closely observe the likes and dislikes of Kasandra. He would notice which aspects of the road trip Kasandra enjoyed the most. He would occasionally ask or offer suggestions to Kasandra during the journey. Jacob will observe what Kasandra likes to do or try during or after reaching the destination. He would be open to any suggestions to make the trip even better and memorable. While having lunch or dinner in a restaurant, Jacob will notice what kind of dishes Kasandra orders, her favorite cuisine, and what type of ambiance she likes.

  1. ENFP will be inquisitive

After returning from the road trip, Jacob, like any other ENFP, will be curious about Sandra’s feedback. He would ask her whether she enjoyed the getaway or not and if she would like to go on an adventurous trip or date night again. It is difficult to resist the ENFP charm and the feel-good energy they create. The answer from Kasandra would probably be affirmative.

  1. ENFP will collect and store the data

Using the information provided and things the ENFP has observed, they will make mental notes and plan their next outing accordingly. Jacob will keep the checklist ready for his next trip while still improvising to fit in with new ideas to make the trip feel like a new experience.

Partners of ENFP often wonder how their ENFP know them and their likes and dislikes so well. In general, during the first few meetings, ENFP tends to learn as much as possible about their loved one and later use it to make their partner happy.


  1. ENFP will boost the spirit of their loved one

An ENFP cares a lot and ensures that their loved one stays happy, smiling, and satisfied. When an ENFP falls in Love, nothing can stop them from showering their love and affection in the best of ways. Love matters to an ENFP a lot. They keep thinking every moment about what would bring a smile to their partner’s face. It could be a surprise gift in the evening to cheer up their partner or have an intellectual conversation on “From Apes to Human Transformation.”

  1. ENFP will motivate

ENFPs are amazing in seeing the potential in people, and they can easily tell where they will progress. They use this specific skill to give motivation to their loved ones and to boost their self-esteem. With their intuitive Ne and Extroversion, ENFP can be the best advisors and counselors.

ENFP as a Spouse

Let’s continue Jacob and Kasandra’s story and see what would happen later in their love life if Kasandra marries Jacob.

As a husband (or wife), ENFP tends to be very supportive and give their 100% marriage. They see marriage as a lifelong commitment. As an ENFP husband, Jacob would get up early in the morning and prepare breakfast consisting of multigrain toast, an egg omelet, and a black coffee. Exactly the kind of breakfast Kasandra would like to have. Ensuring the tray in hand, he would kiss subtly on her cheeks and wake her up. When his wife gets up smiling, hugs him, and takes the breakfast, he would be assured that she is happy, healthy, and sound. The worst fear of an ENFP is their loved one being harmed.

  1. ENFP will plan surprises

ENFPs are best at planning surprises. When Kasandra calls Jacob at his workplace and tells him that she is getting a bonus, Jacob would be ecstatic. He would appreciate and congratulates her for the success. ENFPs like Jacob instinctively feel that a special day in the life of a loved one must be celebrated. Jacob would plan a surprise for his wife in the evening to make her day even better.

ENFPs think a lot about developing an original plan to create a memorable surprise for their loved ones. When Kasandra returns home in the evening, Jacob tells her to get ready for the surprise. While she is in the shower and getting dressed-up, Jacob would improvise his surprise plan.

When Kasandra would come out looking for Jacob, she would find a note on a cupboard that reads, “you eat me when you feel hot, where will I be found.” She would call Jacob, but he won’t answer.

Kasandra would now know that she must solve the puzzle. She would go to the refrigerator and open it; there, she would find another hint on the ice-cream box, which would read, “You love watching NETFLIX on me.”

Kasandra would go to the living room, wearing her high heels. Near the Television set her, the last hint reads, “I kissed you here for the first time, where am I.”

This would be an easy question for Kasandra, and she would go to the terrace. Jacob would be standing on the terrace with a home-made candlelight dinner at the same place where they first kissed. Kasandra would get wonderfully surprised, and she would kiss Jacob. He would pull the chair and comfort her. While having dinner, they will discuss their day. Jacob would observe that Kasandra has been happy throughout the day. Jacob would get satisfied, and their day will end while both of them snug and sleep together.

Final Words on ENFP

ENFPs give all their efforts to keep relationships healthy, flourishing, and exciting. Not all the ENFPs are the same, but they do share similar hobbies and patterns. A relationship with an ENFP can be fascinating. They are very loyal and trustworthy. Let them be who they are in real and get prepared to be amazed in the relationship.