7 Tips for introverts – How introverts can survive in Extroverted world

introvert success

Some introverts believe that their introversion is a curse in the society which has a cultural bias towards extroversion. Being extroverted is the only acceptable form of existence in the extrovert-loving society. People think there is something wrong with you if you are an introvert. Being an introvert creates roadblocks in career, social, and love life. Communication and self-promotion is the key to success for introverts.

In a world full of people who think out loud, being an introvert is actually a gift. Introverts make up 16-25% of the world population. Introverts are self-aware, introspective, and very observant of their surroundings. They reflect before making decisions and avoid herd mentality. Every introvert is not necessarily shy or acts strangely in front of people. Being an introvert makes them feel more comfortable in their own company and with people who are already their friends.

I used to be a popular kid in my school not because I was an extrovert but because I was a good speaker and could put my well-articulated thoughts in front of the class. I always enjoyed the company of nature more than people. It was not my goal to please everyone around me. I enjoyed my solo hobbies and did cool stuff that made me really happy. I was aware of social norms but didn’t care about them if they made no sense. It was not the case that I didn’t care about the people around me. I was there whenever my friends needed me, and they were there when I required help. I understood the transactional nature of friendships.

How to excel as an Introvert in the Extroverted World

  1. Team up with An Extroverted Friend

Introverts are very choosy when it comes to whom they want to associate and spend time with meaningfully. As an introvert, try to meet people who understand your quirks. Opposites attract each other and sometimes make a wonderful pair. Understand your personality type. Get to know people who spark your interest. If you are an INTP, meet an ENFP or ENFJ, they can be your best partners in crime. Having an extroverted friend who gets you can do wonders for you. If you are hesitant about self-promotion, your extroverted friend can be your vehicle to spread good words about your skills. Your extroverted friend can also help you to build your network and connect with the right people. Work on a joint project where your friend can socialize for you while you give the last touch to your maverick ideas in a peaceful space.

  1. Be Problem Solver with your Inner Thought Process

Introverts tend to be good observers and listeners. Being detached can give you a bird’ eye view of the issues at hand. While the extroverts do the talking, sit back patiently and give your full attention to the conversation. Develop insights, possible scenarios, and solutions in your head. Listen to the key aspects and pain points that are being discussed. You can focus on subtleties and fine aspects of the conversation in your head which have been overlooked. Be the mysterious problem solver.

  1. Observe the Emotional Subtleties

Introverts spend a lot of time in their head. This makes them very insightful about human emotions and feelings. Introverts can deeply understand not only their emotions but also of people around them. Use your self-awareness to develop emotional bonds with people you care about. Please support them and show you understand how they feel. This gives people the perception that you actually care and are not so aloof as they believed you to be.

  1. Don’t Make Your Introversion an Excuse

It is a bad idea for introverts to use their introversion as a shield to get out of social events. Once in a while, try to socialize with others. Don’t say ‘no’ every time, or people would stop inviting you to events altogether. Patterns create a reputation. Break the patterns and step out of your comfort zone. You don’t have to be a social butterfly, but making an effort to socialize would go a long way in opening new doors of opportunities for you. Making your introversion an excuse or blaming it for lack of opportunities can’t do any good. Perseverance and dealing with an uncomfortable situation are part and parcel of achieving success. Don’t be afraid of rejection or failure. Put yourself out there and see what the world has to offer. Share your experience with new people you meet. Tell them a childhood story or listen to them and give your opinion. Discuss hobbies and common interests to build rapport with new people you meet.

  1. Learn how to self promote as an Introvert

Showing off what you can do better than others always give you an edge over others. If you are good at something, then be best at it and show it to the world. Introverts must learn how to self-promote. Bring out your energy and curiosity. Self-promotion can boost your chances of success in your career and social life. Market yourself and sell your achievements in a nice package. Introverts can self-promote by being passionate, proactive, genuinely connecting with people. Communicate effectively by building a narrative. Also, you can join clubs like Toastmaster to horn your speaking skills or overcome the fear of public speaking. It will not only give you recognition but also will help you make new friends.

  1. Build Reputation and Recognition Will Follow

Building your reputation on online platforms is a good idea. For example, you can start making videos on YouTube or start streaming on Twitch. In general, introverts can express themselves in writing rather than out loud. Create a blog or write books on subjects you are passionate about. Join online forums and learn about different points of view of people.  Social media is a great way to meet new people and talk to them without fear of social anxiety. Building a solid reputation online and in real life will enable you and your work to get the recognition they deserve.

  1. Nurture your Hobbies

It’s great to have hobbies of your own. Enjoy your time doing what you like the most. Nurturing your hobbies will let you find and re-invent yourself. Introverts are great at developing ingenious ideas and solutions when they let their passion overtake everything else. You have the capability to separate yourself from social trends, peer pressure, and herd mentality. Use your time to cherish yourself and do something creative. Don’t let the world distract you from your path of innovation. Being an introvert, you can challenge the world and show them something new they have never seen.