Harmful Effects of Alcohol & Drug Addiction On Mental Health


Addiction to something is a disease where the brain is affected highly. Once you are addicted to any habit, it is not so easy to get rid of them since your brain will urge to use or consume them. No matter what your brain knows about the impact or harm that the drug may cause or not, it will make you consume it again. This includes both illegal drugs like heroin, and cocaine and legal drugs like alcohol, opioid painkillers, nicotine, etc.

Initially, you might have chosen the drug as it creates some healing and you feel some pleasure out of it, but later you might have been addicted to it. However, your brain is trained to it and there are certain reasons that cause some issues to your health.

How addiction to such drugs impacts the brain?

Alcohol and the drug are related to causing disruptions in an individual’s life. It is also linked to many other causes like stress, depression, memory loss, anxiety and in some serious cases it may cause death.

Drugs and alcohol harms the brain

Alcohol and drug have the ability to disrupt the function of the brain. For example, alcohol is a depressant that will cause disruption in the balance of the brain and that leads to the effect of thoughts, actions, and feelings. This will make the brain to have some chemical changes and stimulate by weakening some parts of the brain that is associated with inhibition. This further leads to an increase in confidence. This may also create some mood swing to anger, aggression, anxiousness, and depression.

No offices require people with such addiction because that causes some huge loss in their business. So they seek some drug and alcohol testing devices to test them in their workplaces.

Top 3 mental health issues

Today, anxiety, depression, and stress have become one in the regular issues in the life of the people because of their personal life, official works or other reasons. However, alcohols and drugs state the top position as the reason for these 3 mental heal conditions. In particular, drugs are the sources to affect mental health by creating psychiatric illness like post-traumatic stress disorder. This leads to some health issues as the substances abusers are suffering from some withdrawal symptoms when they need to get out of these issues. There is also some home testing available and using them you can find the addiction of them even with your family members and try to bring them out of those issues.

Serious issues that can be fatal

Alcohol and drug consumption will lead to creating a major impact on the psychological function of mental health and they are well-being. Psychosis is one of the most important that is because of drug consumption. Usually, such issues are caused by finding in through psychotic episodes and these can be things like delusions, confusion, hallucinations and distributed thoughts. So the person affected by the addiction is not recruited by the companies and they find them using some wine drug screen test equipment.

Other common effects of substance abuse on the brain

  • Disruption of nutrients needed by the tissues of the brain
  • Deprivation of oxygen to tissues of the brain
  • Direct damage, injury, and death to the cells in the brain that includes even neurotransmitter receptors
  • It creates some alteration to the brain chemical concentration that includes neurotransmitter receptors

If you are the person to get affected or if that one of your family members, it is highly necessary to bring them out of such situations. There are lots of drug testing companies and you can have the device from them to check the consumption regularly.

How to treat alcohol and drug addiction?

The initial step is to find the level of the issue. Initially to a person may refuse that he or she is not affected but it is necessary to take them to the clinic and test them. The health professionals will identify the issues and finds the severity of it. Later the victim will be given with the right counseling and treatment to overcome the addiction. To avoid those advanced stages you may conduct frequent drug test and safeguard your family members.

It may be fun or some other reason, but health is more important than anything. Know the value of your health and stay away from these addictions!