Ten Most Common Life Challenges of an INTP

INTP Challenges

Who are INTP?

INTP type consists of 3% of the world population. Being so rare they have their own set of strengths and struggles. It is not easy to understand an INTP.

The top 5 adjectives to describe an INTP are logical, analytical, unconventional, private and of course witty.

An INTP can mesmerize you with their vast ocean of knowledge and at the same time piss you off by their stubbornness and lack of emotional sensitivity. The truth bombs and apathy is the weapon of choice for an INTP.

INTP type dynamics

Dominant (Ti): Introverted Thinking- Evaluating ideas analytically and objectively based on facts.

Auxiliary (Ne): Extroverted Intuition- Outwardly focusing on possibilities and opportunities for problem-solving.

Tertiary (Si): introverted sensing- Considering facts and ground realities along with possibilities.

Inferior (Fe): Extroverted Feeling- Difficulty in showing empathy and making social connections.

Top 10 struggles faced by INTP

 1. INTP are logical and analytical to the core

They like to base their ideas and decisions on facts and ground realities. The problem is, they expect or at least want others to be logical as well. INTP can easily dismiss people or worse classify them stupid without taking their emotional state into consideration. Inferior (Fe) hinders an INTP to factor emotional sensitivities of others while making the conclusions.

2. INTP are non-traditional

You cannot expect an INTP to do something just because everyone does it. INTP don’t give two hoots to social customs and principles if they don’t find them logical. For, this reason they seem to be at loggerheads with societal expectations. They might look aloof and out of touch with the world.

3. It is very hard to provoke an INTP

Habitual of living in their own head and not caring about what people think of them, shields an INTP against personal insults. INTP display anger when-

1) Their trust is broken- INTP value truth and honesty. They usually display cold apathy and silent anger as they bar the untrustworthy person from their life. Outward aggression is reserved for extreme cases of betrayal.

2) Their knowledge is disrespected- Making fun of an INTP’s knowledge is akin to calling a fashion model fat. They are bound to get furious. INTP is very stubborn about their logical conclusions. If an INTP is disrespected or their logical reasoning dismissed without proper reasoning, expect a simmering rage. These are the moments when an INTP loses emotional control. They might lash out or completely shutdown.

The only way to win back an INTP is to apologize and make amends. Making emotional appeal or future promises won’t work. What an INTP wants is the acceptance of errors and visible corrective actions. INTP don’t hold a grudge and easily forgive if the problem is solved.

4. INTP are socially awkward

They avoid social events that are not mentally stimulating. INTP doesn’t know how to react when somebody wants to have small talk or calls them their friend. INTP are known to hate their phones. They loathe it when people call them for a little chit-chat. INTP are all happy to have a deep discussion on different topics, but they avoid meaningless talk at all costs. INTPs are obsessed with logical correctness. They can be very blunt and insensitive while pointing out the logical inconsistencies in someone’s opinion or theory. Subjective emotional considerations of social conversations elude the INTPs.

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5. INTP is the most misunderstood personality type

This is partly because they try to make logical explanations for their emotions. INTP’s have a unique way of processing emotions. They are not fans of boring knock-knock jokes. INTP jokes consist mostly of ironies, hypothetical situations, or commonly misunderstood concepts. It is sometimes hard for people to understand and appreciate an INTP’s sense of humor. Under stress, INTP finds it hard to express their emotions, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have them. INTP’s thoughts are perfectly placed inside their heads they just find it overwhelming to express them verbally to others.

6. INTP are born problem solvers

They are inquisitive and motivated to solve problems and figure things out. INTPs will research on the topic that has piqued their interest relentlessly for countless hours. They will achieve remarkable expertise and mastery over the subject area. Intellectual stimulation to an INTP is like gas to the car. Once the problem is solved or ceases to be intellectually stimulating, INTP drops the topic like a hot potato. They quickly lose interest in the subject and move on to the next topic.

7. Staying organized is a big struggle for an INTP

INTP are allergic to the task list and follow-ups. They can be very rebellious. They prefer doing things that make logical sense. Expecting an INTP to do mechanical or mundane tasks that they find illogical makes them feel resentful and frustrated. INTPs are full of ideas and inspirations. They give their 100% to the new project during the beginning phases of strategy making, goal setting, and problem-solving. Their level of enthusiasm dips quickly when the project gets into the implementation stage. INTP can’t help but begin to find the project tasks boring. The best jobs for an INTP are the ones where they can solve complex problems and pass off the paperwork and implementation stages of the project to others.

8. INTP needs validation

INTP likes it when their knowledge is acknowledged and validated. An INTP’s mind is always bubbling with new ideas and theories. To assuage the feeling of self-doubt INTP desire to have feedback from people who they consider worthy. They want to make sure the logical errors they see and the flaws in the theories they encounter are actually substantial.

9. INTP don’t indulge in self-promotion

INTP don’t find it easy to talk about their achievements and strengths for sake of impressing someone. They don’t aim to please others and prefer if their work speaks for itself. This is the major impediment when an INTP appears for an interview. When provoked an INTP may become the one teaching the teacher. The interaction with an INTP doesn’t go very well if the other individual just wants to hear the socially appropriate and conventional answers.

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10. Slow Decision making

INTP seems to be slow decision-makers, but they make well thought out decisions after considering all the factors and possible future consequences. If they find a flaw in the project, they would prefer to correct the flaw before proceeding further. INTP can make the best choice if given some time.

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