Benefits of Potatoes – Why Potatoes are Good for You

potato benefits

Potato is a small little vegetable and yet so versatile that it is one the most eaten vegetable all over the globe. Dishes like hash browns, mashed potatoes, and French fries turn out to be mouthwatering. There are multiple health benefits of potatoes. Potatoes contain fiber, potassium, vitamin C, and vitamin B6. These vitamins and minerals are beneficial for our heart as they keep blood sugar and cholesterol levels in check.

Here are the Major Benefits of Potatoes

1. Quick and Delicious Potato Snacks

People of all ages, children, adults, or seniors, love to have snacks while doing something interesting. People usually love to binge on snacks while watching series on TV or watching movies, or even when reading books.

What if you can make delicious snakes at home with only potatoes? You can make healthy and amazing snacks like crispy wafers, fries, nuggets, and many more. You can have it with different kinds of sauces to make them finger-licking good. Just use the oil-less recipe.

If you ever get into a situation where you have an unexpected guest and you are out of snacks. Just peel a potato, slice them thin, wash them in running water, and throw them in the microwave. Here you have chips ready. Sprinkle any condiment and spread the deliciousness.

2. Potato Health Benefits

How would you feel if you could eat delicious, spicy street food and yet be completely healthy? Potatoes can do this for you. Homemade potato dishes are rich in vitamins and a good source of beneficial carbohydrates. This means you don’t have to worry about gaining weight while enjoying your favorite fries. Ensure you do not go overboard. We know potatoes can be tempting.

In general, all veggies can improve your health and make you strong, but when it comes to taste and health benefits, potato is the indisputable king of veggies.

3. Potato in Skincare Routine

Potatoes can actually help heal damaged skin and reduce dark spots. Potatoes have azelaic acid, which reduces skin dryness, blemishes and make your skin glow.

Potato can be the magic bean of your beauty. On a daily basis, you can add potatoes to your skincare routine, and you will see amazing results within a week. It can also help cure pimples and remove sun tan and scars.

4. Partner Potato with Other Veggies

Potato can go along with a wide variety of vegetables. Let it be a dry veggie or one with sauce and curry. You can mix potatoes with various vegetables to make them even more delicious. Potatoes have the ability to be part of a variety of dishes and enhance their taste. You can easily grow potatoes in your home garden and pair them with other veggies.

5. Potato is Great for Cotton Clothes

Clothes made of cotton tend to get wrinkles quickly. What if there is a way out to keep them nice and smooth for longer? Usually, people use rice starch for it, but you can also use potato starch for a light, smooth touch on your shirt and trousers. Just boil grated potatoes in water. Once you see the water getting whitish, there is your starch. Use it on your clothes and iron them later. You will notice the difference in clothes.

6. Add Potato to Save Over Salted Dish

Salt is a very sensitive ingredient. There has to be the right amount of salt. A little more will spoil the taste, and a little less will make the dish taste bland. But if you accidentally add more than the required salt, just put a raw potato in the gravy or sauce and cook for the next 15 minutes. The potato will soak up the salt.

For people with high blood pressure, potatoes are a beneficial ingredient.

7. Make Potato Your Travelling Companion

Potato dishes can be used as quick meals during traveling. They can be cooked quickly, and dry dishes can be eaten anywhere during long-distance commutes. Be careful with its storage during summer.

They can survive for up to 4 days in the refrigerator, but you need to be more cautious when keeping them at room temperature.

8. Healthier Potato Vodka

For party lovers’ vodka shots are one of their favorite choices. And guess what? Vodka made out of potatoes has superior flavor. It can be used in many cocktails and is famous around the globe.