10 Ways to be a Good Wife to your Husband

be good wife

Being a wife looks easy, but it is not. Being married to the man of your dreams brings lots of joy. It is the beginning of a new life for women. There are lots of challenges to be faced and responsibilities to be fulfilled. A happy married life can be bliss, but it can be a nightmare if things go awry. How to be a good wife? How to make your husband swoon over you even after the honeymoon phase is over? It’s not that hard.

Here are 10 tips to be a good wife every man actually wants

1. Respect your Husband

It is said that communication is the key to a happy marriage. Well, it is just partially true. Respect is the real key. Once you lose respect for your man, things change dramatically. No amount of communication can save it. It is important to love the man for who he is. Respect his choices, decisions, and way of life. Understand his point of view. It is natural to test him to see if he is the same strong and confident man you fell for at the beginning of the relationship. It is common to test his love and commitment towards you subconsciously. But who would want to be with someone who tests them all the time? Have faith in him and avoid unreasonable confrontations. If he loses or shows signs of weakness, you sure would lose respect for him. Avoid putting yourself and him in rock & hard place situations. No matter who wins, the relationship will lose.

2. Look Good for Him

It is a no-brainer. Men love beautiful women, and attraction can’t be negotiated. Don’t let yourself go after marriage. From time to time, dress up for your husband, get a nice haircut and show him the gorgeous side of you. Take care of your health and fitness. Set up a fitness regime, including a healthy diet plan, yoga, and meditation. Taking care of yourself will impress your husband and help you gain confidence, and strengthen your body and mind.

3. Prepare His Favorite Meal

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Your effort to cook his favorite meals would make him feel special. It is best to learn how to cook few special dishes. Cooking together is also a great way to spend time together and rekindle your bond.

4. Let Him Lead

Sure, you are a strong and independent woman, but let your husband lead. The only way he can treat you like a lady is if you allow him to do so. Let him wear the pants in the relationship and treat you ladylike. He has the innate tendency to protect and provide for you. Cherish it.

5. Listen to Him

A husband does a variety of things for you. After a long day at work when he is back home, the least you can do is listen to him. Ask him how his day was and genuinely show interest in things he is excited to tell you. Being his companion and someone who listens to him is the most admirable thing you can do for your husband.

6. Contribute

As a life partner, you must strive to make each other lives better. Think about it for a minute? How am I making my husband’s life better? What are the non-sexual benefits I bring to the table? The last thing you want is your husband feeling like an ATM. Sharing the responsibility to make each other’s life better is the only way to go. Try to be a skilled housewife or contribute to household finances. Whichever means you chose, try to contribute to the household as much as you can actively. Be grateful for the contributions each one of you makes for the betterment of the family.

7. Be a Faithful Wife

Of course, a good wife is faithful. I personally believe it is okay to admire or derive pleasure by looking at other men superficially, but it ends at that. Obviously, having an affair is no go. The act of giving yourself to another man practically negates your marriage. It is not just physical cheating, but emotional cheating matters as well.

Emotional cheating includes using sex to manipulate or control the husband, talking to your ex, having a profile on dating sites, and flaunting your body on social media for the sake of attention and validation. Try to avoid it. Your husband wouldn’t like it if he finds out. After all, it is much better to be genuinely appreciated by your husband than having the false feeling of being super attractive, realizing that every guy swipes right and clicks like on any and every woman. Why doom the marriage for some superficial right swipes and insincere social media points? The best solution is to keep your phone open for scrutiny, and it works both ways. Trust has to be earned.

8. Don’t Try to Change Him

Remember the reasons you fell for your husband when you first met him. Everyone has a set of values and perspectives which can’t change. Even if you successfully transform him to suit your taste, you will lose the real him in the end. It is perfectly alright to motivate him and encourage him to do better. However, the words used to do so must have a positive connotation. Never demoralize or criticize your man for the factors that are not under his control. Let him be the best version of himself rather than the version you prescribe for him.

9. Take an interest in His Hobbies

Being a life partner, take an active and genuine interest in his hobbies. Be the companion of your husband. Be it movies, bike riding, painting, dancing, sports, or video games, try to indulge in them or at least be supportive of the things that make your husband happy. Developing common hobbies is the best way to spend quality time together.

10. Surprise Him

Plan a date night or getaway, wear a sexy dress, or cook his favorite meal. Get him the perfume or buy the tickets to the game he likes to watch. Show him how special he is and how grateful you are to have him in your life. Men sometimes like to be spoiled and pampered as well. Be that someone special for him. The affection and effort you put into being a good wife will strengthen your bond. Celebrate your marriage every chance you get.

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