Must-Read Book – Triangulation Explained with Stories of Manipulation, Deception, and Control

Book Triangulation Explained Hunaid

Whether it’s the friend who pits you against another friend, a lover who brings up their ex to make you jealous, the family member who brings in a neighbor to sway opinions, the workplace where office politics take a triangular turn, or the global stage where countries maneuver in complex geopolitical landscape, triangulation shows its face.

Triangulation is like a maze where an individual’s thoughts and emotions get lost, leaving them feeling unheard and dismissed. The feeling of being ignored and rejected is incredibly painful.

Humans are emotional creatures. Once they become emotionally invested, it becomes easy to manipulate them. Under the influence of emotions, they don’t even consider logic or facts. By making them feel a certain way, manipulators can make them do things they wouldn’t have done under normal circumstances.

The stories of triangulation woven through these pages depict the intricate and sometimes dark complexities that infiltrate human relationships. This book acts as a patchwork quilt, woven from surprising tales that thread through emotions, power trips, and unexpected third parties. These narratives offer glimpses into the unsettling depths of the human psyche, where manipulation lurks.

In this book, we will explore the concept of manipulation through triangulation, its mechanisms, stories of triangulation, the impact on victims, and strategies to safeguard against triangulation.

By introducing a third party into a situation, the manipulator aims to shift the power balance in their favor. The book unravels how this three-part dynamic becomes a breeding ground for manipulation, deceit, and control.

The Triangulation book serves as a thought-provoking exploration of a psychological phenomenon, providing readers with not only captivating stories but also valuable lessons on communication, conflict resolution, and understanding the complexities of human behavior.