Anchoring the Relationship- Signs of Healthy Relationship

healthy relationship

In the ocean of life experiences, our ship needs an anchor. A relation(ship) that both partners do not firmly anchor remains at the mercy of all sea elements. Eventually, it drifts away aimlessly and fades into oblivion.

In a relationship, both the partners function as each other’s anchors. They act as a rock through difficult times for each other. This kind of healthy relationship is strong and stable. Knowing that your life partner is also your reliable anchor gives the feeling of security, stability, and being grounded.  It fills the heart with calmness and takes away all the chaos, hysteria, anxiety, and uncertainty surrounding daily life.

Your partner will encourage you to be in tune with yourselves and hold on to the values you believe in. At the end of a tiring day, you will know you can just let all your anxieties out, feel safe, and relax in the arms of your partner, the anchor of your ship. It feels good to share your life with your partner. All the money and worldly pleasures seem meaningless if there is no one to share them with you.

The ship of our life is meant to conquer the sea, travel, have new experiences, and explore the uncharted oceans. It is all fun until there are moments of doubts and anxieties, when we are not sure of ourselves, or when we feel directionless and need support and guidance. The sea of life always challenges our resilience, and there are dark hours when we are adrift and at the mercy of the tides and currents which toss us to and fro.  We make bad decisions.

The choices we make sometimes lack wider perspective, steadfast facts, and experience. We begin to work on guesses, say to ourselves, Let’s try this! Let’s try that! Go here, Go there! Unsure of what will work and what will not work. We crave for someone to tell us: don’t worry, I am here, everything will be alright. We miss our anchor.

True independence to travel on the open sea comes with a firm anchor. In a relationship, our life partner, like an anchor, serves as reference points that help us find our true potential on this experiential sea, keep us focused, motivate us to give our best, and keep us from drifting. He/she help us become resilient in decision-making and give us hope in emotional, unstable, and confusing times. A relationship that both partners firmly anchor remains healthy, secure, and steady.  The relationship can “hold fast” during the weakest moments and most trying experiences. We can trust confidently in the ability of our partner to drive past the rough seas. Undoubtedly, both partners work in tandem to inspire and make each other’s life better.

Choosing your Life Partner- Your Relationship Anchor

The excitement of a new relationship makes us feel jubilant. We can feel the love in the air. However, when the honeymoon phase ends, everything goes downhill. The quirky behavior of our partner that made us blush now makes our faces go red with anger. We set our sails for the next island, and off we go wandering in the sea again.

If you are truly looking for a life partner, give your budding relationship some time. Show your true self from the very beginning. Don’t show them the best version of you, which you can’t mask forever. Give them a chance to love you for who you are. There will always be some people who would like to board your ship just for the sake of fun and luxury. These people have no intention to stay on your ship or be your companion. They will jump ships if an opportunity presents itself.

Choose wisely. Don’t judge them based on height, weight, hairstyle, and other superficial qualities. You don’t want a Chinese anchor that looks good from the outside but has no warranty and might not last long. Look for qualities like loyalty, honesty, character integrity, past relationship history (it repeats itself), and commitment to relationships. Most importantly, be sure you are willing to act as an anchor in his/her life. The foundation of your relationship must be strong.

A lost anchor can endanger the ship and crew. If the anchor slips away, the ship can lose its bearing in the sea and be tossed about with every changing wind and sails shifting. Before hoisting your relationship’s sails, make sure you have a steady, loving, and caring anchor to stabilize the relationship from the waves, tides, and hurricanes. It would make sailing through rough waters easier.

With the strong relationship’s added stability and confidence, begin a new journey, voyage, and a new adventure. Move on and have a better, shiny, grounded future leaving the tumultuous past behind, venturing into a new era of life. Your life partner, your anchor, will give you new hope, encourage you, and motivate you to carry out the plans you have made successfully. He/she will prevent you from drifting in confusion and enable you to focus on your ideas, goals, vision, and dreams.