Quirky Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your One and Only

Valentine ideas

Valentine’s Day. After the furor and horror Thanksgiving and holiday shopping have brought, then comes another time for you to spend your money to prove your love to someone. Flowers, chocolates, a nice dinner, some champagne—the works. But let’s say you and your partner wanted something different. Maybe you just wanted to spend some quality, healthy Valentine’s week with them. Or you just wanted to inject a new flavor into this very romantic day. Either way, here are some quirky gifts and ideas you can do on V-Day.

Customized Gifts

Add a little personal touch, but take it to the next level. For couples who can take a joke or two, send them custom tumblers or even funny Valentine’s cards. One man who works with lawnmowers had the idea to give his wife a card that said: “I lawn for your mower and mower each day.” The wife loved and laughed at the rather punny card. There’s more to love than extravagant, overpriced, and purse-slashing gifts, after all.

Take Them Dancing

Don’t put your baby in a corner. Avoid the club-thumping music and go for places where you can slow dance or groove to your favorite songs. Even better, take them to a dance class or explode with energy in salsa clubs. If you’re nearby Chicago, embrace your inner Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey and go dirty dancing in the Valentine’s Day “Dirty Dancing” Party and have the time of your lives. In the end, they’ll owe it all to you.

Movie Nights and Takeouts

For the couples who don’t like the hassles of Valentine’s Day—from the traffic to the long queues—make staying in extra special. Cook your lover’s favorite food, and bring out the best wine from your cabinet. Turn on Netflix and chill with your special someone. Pop any movie you’ve been meaning to watch; it doesn’t have to be romantic. You can even hate-watch a movie and tear it apart with your lover while eating popcorn.

Valentine’s for Your Gals and Pals

If you’ve watched the hit comedy series Parks and Recreation, then you might’ve heard of “Galentine’s Day”. Maybe your friends are nursing a heartbreak, or they just can’t find a date for that day. Just because you’re away from your lover doesn’t mean you don’t love each other. No person has to be left out on the year’s most romantic day. So, if you and your partner don’t have any plans, then save the date for those who don’t have someone to spend it with and celebrate solidarity among your close friends. Grab a group dinner, drink your sorrows away, or even have the road trip of your lives.

A Romantic Montage

Who says montages are only for Rocky and the karate kids? Surprise your special someone with a romantic montage of everything you two have done over the years. Get some clips from your most memorable trips, and add some cute photos and your favorite songs. Better yet, ask their favorite actor or musician through Cameo to give them a Valentine’s message. That should surprise your partner even more.

Valentine’s Day needn’t be a massive spending extravaganza. With enough thinking and a dash of creativity, you can think of quirky, weird, or even simply unique ways to surprise your lover in this season of love. Make Valentine’s Day more endearing.

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