Tailoring A Modern Workplace Experience

The professional workforce often expresses a desire to enjoy an exciting office experience. They want an experience that is social, collaborative,  and interconnective. Coworking spaces have been a pioneer in this socialization revolution with their trendy commercial office spaces. These offices would aim to have everything a firm could want including the opportunity to socialize with like-minded individuals, comfortable common areas and beverage services.

Coworking spaces and their competitors initially provided a low-cost option for start-ups and other trendy emerging firms to encourage a productive working culture. With the rising cost of modern workspaces and the shunning of routine office use, it will be intriguing to see if coworking spaces return to their former prominence after the pandemic.

Others try to discover that pleasant, professional experience through more traditional yet constantly evolving means: the private business club. Private business clubs, which tend to be relatively upscale, foster a comforting multiroom space that encourages socialization, networking, and collaboration. Although most associate private business clubs as a product of Westerns business cultures, Alexander Garese of France has popularized the experience in Russia through his club,  KELIA. In an interview with the Moscow Times, Mr. Garese brought KELIA to Russia because he wanted to “have the experience of membership in the European clubs, and [he] wanted to have the same opportunities in Moscow. ” Today, KEILA boasts an upscale restaurant, cigar room, and a well-stocked wine bar. The lecture hall and presentation room often hosts lectures and events. For its working amenities, KELIA has secretarial services, mail addresses, a concierge, and numerous workspaces. KELIA and coworking spaces stem from the same desire to make the workplace experience more exciting than the traditional insular cubicle desk job. It is unsurprising that professionals are exploring new models to discover productivity and friendships.