Running Late? Here is how you can keep your house clean if you don’t have time

clean house quickly tips

I don’t have time today.

Let me do this tomorrow.

Ugh… I am running late, will do this next week.

Everyone is so busy nowadays that the promise of doing any tasks tomorrow feels like a dream.

Despite several efforts, you often see dishes piling up in the sink like a mountain, bins overflowing with trash, and dust laden surfaces.

And somehow, cleaning your house everyday feels like a never ending chore. You find it hard to give time to accomplish your cleaning tasks.

But, is cleaning the house that hard?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an average American supposedly utilizes one hour a day to clean their house.

how to clean house quickly
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However, we often find it difficult to manage between all kinds of work. Be it taking care of their children, day-to-day errands, or chaotic lifestyle.

As a result, people have to smother themselves in order to keep their houses clean.

Do you feel the same?

Don’t panic.

Here are some necessary tips and tricks that can help you maintain your house and keep it sparkling clean.

TIP 1: Choose Your Daily Cleaning Tasks Wisely 

We are not talking about thorough cleaning at all. This tip is to manage your daily cleaning chores so your house remains decluttered and dust-free.

Of course, you can’t give all the time you have in hand on cleaning or organizing things.

So, here is how long you may need to clean certain things that make their way in every house. This will help you choose tasks that you can handle everyday without stressing out.

  1. Things That Take Hardly 30 Seconds of Your Time

 The following daily routines are easily manageable by taking only a few seconds of your time.

  1. After using dish towels or rags, hang or fold them in the kitchen.
  2. After bathing, use a squeegee to clean the shower area and door.
  3. Once you are done dishwashing, neatly wipe your sink simultaneously.
  4. After eating your food or snacks, make sure to place the utensils or other utilities in their right place (sink or dishwasher).


  1. Things That Take Only a Minute of Your Time

There are certain situations where you often find yourself wasting time on waiting for things to happen. Why not utilize that time doing something productive?

For instance,

  1. While brushing your teeth, you can easily wipe your sink, tub, faucets almost daily.
  2. You can use a minute while warming your beverage to clean kitchen countertops or your fridge door.
  3. Take the garbage out for disposal while going on a walk.


  1. Things That Take a Minimum of Five Minutes

Home cleaning is not a one-man job. You should always ask your family or flatmates to chip in and help out.

  1. Ask your kids to keep their toys and other stuff at their designated place once they have finished using them.
  2. Hang the clothes that are still clean. And for others, put them away in the laundry basket.
  3. Take a round once in a day to all your rooms and put everything that needs to be discarded in the trash bag.
  4. Once done with lunch or dinner, make sure to load the dishwasher with all your dirty dishes.


  1. Things That Take Around 15 Minutes

 Make time for 15 minute cleaning sessions every now and then as this is a very easy way to maintain cleanliness & organization in your home. You can even make cleaning more exciting by turning on your radio or music systemwith a timer.

  • Manage your bedroom by first, making your bed and putting away any extra clothing. Clear away dust from the shelves. And if you still find time, clean dirty areas near the doors using a vacuum.
  • Moving on to the kitchen, sort out all the dirty dishes either by hand washing or via dishwasher. Then, use a cloth dipped into soap water to clean the refrigerator, counter tops, and the range.
  • Make your bathroom shine using a cleaning caddy to wipe the mirror. Place the toilet bowl cleaner and while it is making its place, you can go ahead and wipe down your fixtures with the same cleaning caddy.
  • Now comes the living room. The best strategy is to organize things and clear up anything that does not belong to this area.

If you are a book lover and are used to reading in the living area, then stack all those cluttered books neatly in a rack. Dust, if needed. Before doing all this, spread baking soda on your carpet. And once it dries, vacuum-dry it.


  1. Things That Take Approx. 30 Minutes

 You can start cleaning your refrigerator, if you think you can buy this kind of time on a holiday every now and then. For that, again start by decluttering and taking away any item that has expired.

Other than that, you can replace pillows, vacuum them using a brush. Sweep and mop all floors. Remove any visible dirt and dust from your rugs by shaking them off.


  1. Things That Take More Than Forty Minutes

Clean your mattresses and ensure they are completely dust and allergen-free. Make sure to turn them while placing them again on your bed. Clean all the windows, surfaces, chairs, and fans.

Wash the bathroom rugs, mats, and shower curtains. Once you are done with these tasks, make it a habit to organize everything back to their original place.

In short, aside from any small tasks, schedule some time to manage the tasks that will take more than 30 minutes of your time.

To understand it more, move forward to the next tip below.

TIP 2: Create a Weekly Cleaning Schedule

It is often impossible to get things done on a daily basis. No matter how successful you are managing home cleaning, you always fall short of one or the other task.

To make it less overwhelming for yourself, here is a way to make things less tiring or exhausting for you. And that too, taking a small portion of your time.

  1. Keep your Mondays for dusting or laundry and shift to bathrooms or vacuuming on Tuesday. After that, make sure to take out some of your time on Wednesdays for the living room and mopping.
  2. Mark Thursdays for bedrooms and Fridays for kitchen cleaning. In this way, you will be left with just some organization chores for Saturday.

And, guess what? You have a Sunday to chill, relax, or do whatever you craved the entire week.

For many, house cleaning feels like a war-front because they are unable to manage time properly. But, it’s actually simple.

  1. Declutter
  2. Clean
  3. Organize

Use these steps for every room in your house. And everything will be squeaky clean without taking much of your time. And, if nothing is working out in your favor, you can also go for hiring home cleaning services in NYC.


It is proven worldwide that  not organizing your home can be one of the primary stress triggers. In fact, more than 84% of stressed Americans said the same in an online survey by Huffpost.

Another study posted in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin shared the fact that women living in a cluttered home were likely to be more depressed with higher levels of cortisol, the stress hormone.

So, make sure to use at least 15 minutes of your day cleaning and organizing things.

Again, never dream of a perfect household in terms of cleanliness. Almost clean or “clean enough” is the new definition of a tidy house. So, make sure to follow a routine and find time for your passion every day.