Sleeping Cool at Night – Why is it Important?

A sound sleep is vital for your body and mind to rejuvenate and make you feel energetic when you wake up to welcome another beautiful day in your life. Sleep deprivation due to discomfort, sweating, and bad sleeping habits can be a bummer. It has an adverse impact on your productivity, mood, brain function, body weight, and heart health. When it comes to your health and overall well-being, a night of good sleep is as essential as regular exercise and eating a nutritious, balanced diet.

Can a cool environment help you get a good night’s sleep?

According to experts, you should ideally get seven to eight hours of sleep every day. The cool, dark, soothing, and quiet surroundings enhance your sleep quality. A cooler environment help stimulates our body to rest as our body temperature lowers gradually. Sleep in a cool bedroom at 60 to 67° F to drift into a deep and refreshing sleep. Temperature above 75° F causes uncomfortable sweats and disrupts the REM (rapid eye movement) cycle. This is when you begin to toss and turn in bed, leading to grogginess and feeling tired in the morning.

How to sleep cool at night?

  1. Get the right sleepwear and bedding that is breathable and airy. Memory foam mattresses are known for comfort, but they retain heat which is not ideal for cool sleeping. Gel memory foam mattresses like the great rv mattress here are made with special cooling gel and temperature-relegating layers that allow for cool and comfortable sleep along with refreshing sensations.
  2. A comfortable pillow that keeps you cool is essential for deep sleep. Choose pillows that are made from fabric that feels cool and regulates temperature with optimum air circulation.
  3. Sleep in cotton if you want to keep yourself cool throughout the night. The lightweight and sweat-wicking clothing are ideal for maintaining body temperature low. Avoid tight clothes that increase your discomfort and make you feel suffocated or restricted.
  4. Make sure your room has good ventilation. Open windows and doors directly across from each other to create natural cross-ventilation. You can also create airflow in your room by positioning a fan directly across from a window.
  5. Have a light and healthy dinner before going to bed. Heavy meals and spicy food make people sweat. Drinking coffee, smoking, and alcohol interferes with the sleep cycle and triggers wakefulness during the night.
  6. Keep the blinds closed during the day or get blackout curtains to reduce daytime heat accumulation in your home. Before going to bed, it helps if you switch off your TV, laptop, or any other non-essential electronic gadgets to reduce bedroom temperature.

Benefits of sleeping at a cooler temperature

Fall asleep as fast as possible

Our body is designed to sleep at cold temperatures. The right temperature is important for a night of deep sleep and a regular sleep cycle. The leading cause of insomnia is poor body temperature regulation. A cool room decreases body temperature and gets you deep restorative sleep quickly.

Look beautiful and young

A warm room with a temperature greater than 70° F hinders the release of the anti-aging hormone melatonin, which is created in the pineal gland. Our body needs to cool down and be in darkness at night for the release of melatonin.

Good sleep at night suppresses UV damage and makes your skin and hair rejuvenate faster. Sleep deprivation causes stress and imbalance in cortisol levels, which causes wrinkles, acne, and dull skin. Not being able to sleep causes anxiety and late-night binging, eventually increasing weight.

Lower risk of diseases

According to a study, sleeping in a room set to 66° F can be useful to prevent diabetes and other metabolic diseases. Cool temperature increases the amount of brown fat, which allows the body to store fewer calories, process energy effectively, and get rid of excess blood sugar. This, in turn, improves our health and lowers the risk of metabolic diseases over time.

In our hectic life, we must make an effort to get the peaceful and relaxing good night’s sleep we deserve. Let’s bring some vitality to our nighttime, feel the comfort of the bed and drift into a rejuvenating sleep.