Hearts Under The Heel – Romantic Thriller Book To Read

Heart Under The Heels book
Relationships are tough. They are complex, puzzled, specific and yet dynamic in nature. The complexity of relationships makes people do things that they wouldn’t do if they were not in love.

Attraction, love and respect cannot be bought. Times have changed, generations have changed and gender roles have changed. Finding truelove feels harder than ever before. You never know if you can trust someone and put your heart at stake. But how do you love someone if you can’t trust them?                                      

The excitement of new relationship makes us feel jubilant. We can feel love in the air. However, when the honeymoon phase ends everything goes downhill. The quirky behavior of our partner that made us blush now makes our face go red with anger. We set our sails for the next island and off we go wandering in the sea looking for a better person and a fulfilling relationship.

Falling in love is easier, staying in love is difficult. It takes a lot of courage to open your heart and soul for someone. Getting cheated on by the person you loved from the bottom of your heart can be devastating. The pain after getting cheated on is excruciating. With time the pain subsides but the scars remain. Learning how to get over a toxic relationship with your dignity intact is of utmost importance.

A toxic relationship and a manipulative person teach you how to identify the red flags early in the relationship. You know exactly what to look for in your partner and thereby you can avoid repeating the same mistakes again.

Hearts Under The Heel is a romantic thriller book, four women embark upon the journey to find the meaning of true love and friendship. They face rejections and they get cheated on in their personal and professional lives, but with each setback, they emerge stronger than before. The twists and turns in their life bring smiles on their face, break their hearts and give them the purpose to live and love.