Key Ways On How To Take Care Your AC During Summer

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With summer just around the corner, you know the scorching hot days will be here soon. Your air conditioner must be in optimal condition to keep your family cool all summer. For central AC and other air conditioning systems, the best thing to do is to have an HVAC company to come and inspect your unit, check out the ductwork, and ensure that everything is running correctly. However, if you have a window or portable AC unit, you can repair and clean it on your own without spending money on a new system or repair.

Central air conditioners are modern luxuries. If you have one installed in your house it will cool down your home and your entire family when you really need it the most. However, an air conditioner will become increasingly less efficient over time if you do not care or maintain it the way you should. Although some of the problems cannot be avoided due to being age-related, others are totally preventable as long as you provide your system with the right maintenance. Whenever certain parts of an air conditioner are not cleaned when necessary, your whole unit will use more energy and have to work harder in order to produce a comfortable environment for your home. It is very important to remember whether you want to increase the efficiency of your window air conditioner or your home has central air conditioning. To get the most out of your system and to save money on your utility bills, follow our air conditioning efficiency tips below.

  • In The Spring, Get Your Yearly Tune-Up Scheduled

It is critical to invest in a yearly tune-up before the weather gets hot. Tune-up services are offered by most HVAC companies to ensure that your system continues to run at its optimum energy efficiency level. A tune-up includes cleaning the system, lubricating the fans, and tightening up all of the electrical connections. The coolant levels will also be checked by the technician and he can also diagnose issues that are more serious that can raise sometimes following years of use, such as refrigerant leaks. The damage can then be repaired so that your high-functioning air conditioner is restored. Similar to gas mileage levels being improved by a car tune-up, when your air conditioner gets a tuneup it will help to prevent breakdowns and increase its energy efficiency.

  • Change Your Air Filter  

The air conditioning system uses a regular cycle to move air throughout your house. After cool air is sent into the living areas, the system collects the old air and sends it through the system once again. Before air is returned to the air handler close to the furnace, it first goes through the air filter, which traps airborne pollutants and particulates that can damage the system. When the air filter gets filled up with dust and allergens, it clogs up, and limits the amount of airflow that moves into the handle which can cause your system to run inefficiently and puts it under a great deal of strain. Your air conditioner’s lifespan can be extended and its energy efficiency can be kept at peak performance levels by making sure you change the air filter on a regular basis. Be sure to select the right air filter for your system and house.

  • Clean Out Your Return Air Ducts

Along with changing the air filter, the return air ducts should be cleaned as well. When ducts become clogged with dirt, dust, and lint, it blocks the airflow and your system is forced to work harder, which can impair its efficiency and shorten its life. Vacuum the ducts whenever you clean the room to make sure the HVAC unit receives adequate airflow.

  • Check Your Air Conditioner’s Pipe Insulation

Disintegrated or torn insulation can impact the cooling power of your air conditioner. Each summer make sure you inspect the insulation the covers the coolant pipes. If necessary, replace them so that your air conditioner continues to run efficiently. You can easily take out the old insulation and put in new materials on your own.

  • Pay Close Attention To Your Duct Work

Even in a new house, ductwork can get dirty, since construction dust and debris will collect inside of them naturally. If pests and rodents get inside of your house, your ducts might have nesting materials and droppings inside of them. Whenever the air is turned on, it can result in fine particulates drifting through your house and reduce the quality of your indoor air. They can also end up drifting back through the air conditioning system via the return air side and begin to impair air flow. Your ducts should be professionally cleaned so that your system is more energy efficient and the indoor air quality is improved.

  • Inspect Your Wiring

Another thing that you can do to improve the efficiency of your air conditioning is to check the condensing unit’s wiring to see if there are any signs of wear or overheating. Before you get started, make sure to turn the air conditioner off first. If there are any worn or burned wires, call an HVAC professional to have the damage repaired.

  • Clean Your Outside Compressor

Keeping the condenser coils as well as the compressor clean is one of the most essential central air conditioning tips. That is part of the tune-up process, so you won’t need to open up your system as long as you have professional maintenance done. However, the condenser coils may get dirty, and that will result in your system having to struggle to effectively heat or cool. A garden hose can be used to clean the condenser coils and evaporator. However, just be careful and don’t get any of the electrical connections wet. Inspect the fins when you are cleaning the coils. They are delicate and can easily bend. If there are any bent fins, use a fin comb to straighten them out. Also, remove any old leaves, weeds, or grass that has accumulated next to the air conditioner over the winter. Avoid having any landscaping within a couple of feet of your unit. Do not store items close to the exterior compressor since anything that blocks airflow will cause the energy efficiency of the system to be reduced.

If you are trying to increase the efficiency of your air conditioning when you have a unit that is decades only, the most effective way to reduce your cooling bills is to just invest in a brand-new air conditioner. Search for a unit that comes with the Energy Star label. That way you will know you are buying one of the most highly efficient models available. It is a significant amount of money to have to spend, but you will be grateful later on for the money you save over time, as well as all of the future repairs and breakdowns you can avoid.