Fishing for Newbies: Three Things to Keep in Mind for Those Casting Off for the First Time

newbie fishing tips

Fishing is one of those ‘a day to learn, a lifetime to master’ types of activities. Sure, it doesn’t take a genius to pick a lure, set a bait, cast a line, and wait for the fish to bite. But actually doing all of those things effectively and developing patience takes a lot more than a single afternoon.

There’s a ton of fishing information out there for the experienced angler, but we’re here to give you newbie fishermen (or those trying it out for the very first time!) some key advice on how to make your next fishing trip enjoyable.

Whether you’re planning a holiday or simply looking for an excuse to finally try fishing, here are some indispensable advice from expert anglers that you should take to heart when you finally cast off:

Learn How to Cast, And Learn it Right

When you start fishing, one of the key skills you need to learn correctly is casting. Simply put, casting is the skill (or, some people say, the art) of physically hurling your fishing line via the rod over the water. You’d think it’s simple, but there’s a technique to it, and each angler has a specific technique they swear by.

Our advice is to learn as much as you can from experienced anglers and pick the tips that work best for you. There’s no one way of casting: it’s dependent on your personal preference, the fishing location, the kind of fish you’re planning to catch, and the type of rod and baits you’re using. Pay attention to the old salts; their advice is worth its weight in gold.

fishing amateur

Start with Cheap Lures

That goes for cheap rigs, too, and there’s a good reason for this. Fishing involves one-half technique and gear and one-half confidence. Using a cheap lure or rig when you start out builds that confidence, mainly because you won’t be afraid to lose cheap lures. You don’t hold back on practicing because you’re not worried about losing your supplies without a catch. And honestly, the mentality of “that’s fine, I can lose this lure, no problem” could go a long way to successful fishing because you may end up not lose those lures after all, and gaining all the experience.

Keep It Simple, Mate

We see a lot of newbie fishermen drop thousands upon thousands of dollars on fancy equipment, expensive rods, and heck, even their own boats, only to find that they’re using the wrong lures, or their casting is wrong, or their boat is ostentatious (not to mention loud).

Mate, fishing doesn’t need all of that. Keep your gear simple, match your lures to the fish you’ll be catching, and if you’re going to get a boat (which I don’t recommend if you’re a newbie), ask the experts what kind you should get.

Here’s why I don’t think you should get your own boat now: it’s expensive to maintain and it’s no fun to fish alone. You may invite friends to join you, but they can’t be available all the time. Hiring a fishing charter is better and you can join it with your friends or with a group of other fishing enthusiasts. It’s ten times better, more enjoyable, and a good way to foster a community with people who share your interests. Some of them may be seasoned anglers, too; you can watch what they do to build your skills.