How to Take Care of a Labrador Retriever

labradors retriever care

Have you just bought Labradors and are confused about many aspects of their upbringing? Labradors are ideal family dogs and are compatible with elders and children. They are friendly to everyone, but they demand so much love and attention, and if you are lovable, they will love you even more. Read the tips to keep your labrador happy and healthy.

How To Take Care of Labrador Dog

1. Medication

Vaccination and proper medication are the most important to keep your Labrador healthy. It will reduce the risk of dangerous diseases. Labradors need monthly and annual medication according to their age and size. There are several vaccinations that are very imperative for them to avoid any type of virus or viral infection. They get sick with the weather changes, so you must be very careful about their health.

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2. Comfortable Leash

Using the appropriate leash for your Labrador will ensure that he will be free of pain while you take him for a walk. Dog owners do not like to tie up their pets, but if you have to do it, choose the finest quality and most comfortable leash. It is advised that you use Body Leash, as Neck Leash will harm and choke them. A better leash can enhance your dog’s mood and make him/her fall in love with you more.

3. Proper nutrition and healthy meals

Labradors must be fed a nutritious diet since they are foodies. They gain weight very fast, and they are never full. Well-balanced nutrition is necessary for dogs to remain energetic and healthy. In the market, many quality foods are available for dogs. Do not feed them human snacks like chips with spices, chocolates, sweets, ice cream, etc. Certain fruits and vegetables are also problematic for their health. Snacks such as cookies without sugar and chocolate, bread, and buns are suitable options to feed Labradors.

4. Do not shout and scare them

Labradors are sensitive, so when someone scolds them and screams at them, they feel hurt and might become anxious. They take your feelings seriously and sense your pain. They are wonderful, and you should treat them like your own. They may trouble you sometimes with their cute quirks, but they will love you till the end.

5. Dog Toys

Labradors like toys a lot, especially squeaky toys. They do like chewing toys and soft toys. When you surprise them with toys, you can see their excitement and energy toward you. Toys need to be available to them when you go to work. Labrador dogs are extroverts. They need people and adventures for their happiness. Toys can make them miss you less.

6. Socializing

Labradors need to be around other people and dogs. If they are kept alone in the house for a long time, they become aggressive, and you can see the change in their behavior. Labradors will try to run and may bite you when they feel annoyed. They have to socialize with people and other dogs for their mental health. No one deserved to live caged in four walls.