Ways You Can Start Home Restoration After a Disaster

home restoration

Homeowners have different agendas when doing home improvements. Many homeowners want to boost their property’s value. Other homeowners simply want to improve curb appeal. Some intend to make their home safer and more comfortable. There are also times when homeowners would spend thousands of dollars on home improvements just to restore the beauty of their home after a disaster.

Some real estate owners would rather sell their house rather than attempt and pay for the necessary projects causes by an unfortunate incident. But some can’t afford to let go of their homes regardless of the amount they need to shed to restore the house. If the latter sounds like you, then you can consider the following tips to help you bring your home back to its former glory.

Notify Your Insurance Provider Right Away

Remember that you need to report the incident to your insurance provider and file your insurance claim as soon as possible. Be ready with proofs of your loss which contains a list of items you owned that got damaged because of the disaster. They may ask you to provide proof that these items are indeed yours, such as receipts or even bills.

When filling up the proof of loss form, be honest, and avoid inaccuracies. Submit this within the given deadline provide a detailed estimate to your insurer. You don’t want to end getting underpaid or have your claim denied because you were not truthful on the property damage listed.

Call the Pros to Check How Severe the Damage is

The kind of projects you will need to tackle will depend on the type of damage your home incurred after the tragic incident. For instance, you had a fire incident in the garage. Luckily, the fire was quickly contained and did not affect other areas in the house. Even if you can’t find any serious damage, call the pros and take advantage of the free fire damage assessment.

You may think the fire did not do much damage to your home. But the worst enemy you now have is the unseen fire damage that could be lurking somewhere in the corner. The fire can leave contaminants in the area and can make you and your family sick. Soot, the highly acidic substance left after a fire incident can also damage your belongings. For best results, go for a fire damage assessment and if needed, invest in fire damage restoration services.

Shop for the Right Contractors

After checking the extension of the damage, it is time that you look for possible contractors to help you do the repairs. You may be tempted to fix the house yourself. But then, there are tasks best left to the experts. Remember that your safety is far more important than the savings you can enjoy for DIY-ing the home repairs.

For instance, after a flooding incident, molds can make their way into your home. When choosing a mold specialist, don’t simply hire the first company you find on the internet. Make sure to shop around, do your research, and consider asking for recommendations. Check their online reviews, ask for quotes, and weigh in each company’s pros and cons before choosing.

Choose projects that can boost home value

After you’re done with the necessary repairs and you still have enough funds for additional projects, this is a good time to start taking on projects that can increase the value of your property. You can start with outdoor projects like fixing up your roof, getting a nice paint job, and beautifying your yard. If your gutters now need replacement, chose not to delay this.

You can also consider replacing some of your appliances with more eco-friendly ones. You can conserve more energy, increase your savings, and give your home an instant upgraded feel with new appliances. If you’re tired of your old floors, why not upgrade into hardwood flooring? These will stand the test of time and many home buyers are willing to pay more for houses with hardwood flooring.

Reinvent unfinished rooms to increase your home’s square footage. You can turn a guest room into a home office, the basement into a man cave, or the attic into a new guest room. Turn old rooms into functional and practical rooms so you can easily transform them according to your needs.

If you find restoring a house after a disaster to be of too much hard work, then you can consider selling it as is. This will help you avoid costly renovations and start anew after the incident. But if you still wish to stay and can’t afford to say goodbye to your home just yet, you can consider this list to start the home improvement process. Do the necessary repairs first before you try to improve the value of your property. This will help ensure your home is still safe for you and your family.