For Millennials: Here’s Why You Fail in Achieving Your Self-improvement Goals

Millennials Goals

They say Generation Y, aka the millennials are often preoccupied with their self-improvement goals. Other generations even claim Gen-Y has become obsessed with improving themselves. Their spending on self-improvement is more than Baby Boomers. But why is it that many of them can’t seem to succeed in achieving their goals? We’ve rounded up three usual causes of this and ways you can overcome them.

You Do It for the Wrong Reasons

Why do you want to improve yourself? Do you want to become fitter so you can achieve a healthier weight? Or is it because all your friends are skinny and your relatives are teasing you about your weight?

Are you taking additional training and online courses so you can climb the career ladder? Or maybe it’s because your sibling recently got promoted and your mom is shaking her head at you?

Did you recently adopt sustainable practices like rooting for brands with a purpose and endorsing the use of eco-friendly shopping bags because you want to make the world a better place? Or maybe you want to get more likes and followers on social media?

Some millennials are into self-improvement, but they do it for the wrong reasons. If you only make resolutions for the “likes” you can get in social media, to get the approval of your loved ones, or to make it seem like you “belong,” then you are doing it for the wrong reasons. Self-improvement should be all about what you want to achieve for yourself.

If you try to improve yourself to impress others, at the end of the day, you might feel unhappy and demotivated. This is since you only tried to improve yourself not because you want to in the first place, but because you felt pressure to do so. If you want to succeed in improving, ask yourself what you really want to achieve, why you want to achieve this, and if it will genuinely make you happy at the end of the day.

You Are Impatient

Millennials grew up in an era where everything they might want, they can easily get. Most of their parents, who are usually Generation X or Baby Boomers told them they are special and can get what they want simply because they want it. But after getting thrown in the real world, they suddenly realize things are different from what their parents told them.

Generation Y also grew up with technology at their expense, making it easy for them to get what they both want and need quickly. You can shop online, communicate online, and find a job online. One can even find a date by merely joining social media and dating sites.

It is because of these reasons why some millennials are impatient. When everything is served on you on a silver platter, you will expect to always get things easy. In a way, technology and their parents played a huge role in why some millennials often want to get things the easy way.

Know that self-improvement takes time, patience, hard work, and perseverance. You won’t get a managerial position, a fit body, and lots of friends just because you wanted to. It is time that you throw your impatience away and start working on your goals.

Don’t simply give up. Don’t try to find someone or something to blame for your failure. Find joy in failing, appreciate the journey, and learn from it.

You Don’t Want to Ask for Help

Millennials are often misinterpreted because they would rather use technology to communicate rather than socialize in person. They are not afraid to question why things are done a certain way but are often afraid to ask for help. Many millennials fear rejection, which is why they would rather do things independently than ask for assistance.

If you want to achieve something and don’t know where to start, don’t hesitate to ask for help. You are still young and have tons of things to learn. There is no harm in asking your family, friends, boss, or other professionals if you need support in improving yourself.

For instance, you want to lose weight but nothing you do is helping. Why not ask a friend how they manage to stay fit or ask them to work out with you or be your running buddy? Knowing someone’s got your back makes it easier to stay motivated and helps you keep your eye on your goal.

It is great that millennials are focused on self-improvement. But if you want to succeed and achieve your goals, do it for the right reasons. Ask for help and work harder and smarter. Learn how to overcome obstacles and don’t let anyone tell you what you can and is incapable of doing. Keep your focus on your goal and welcome the support of your loved ones.